il viaggio
puppet master
lo specchio
doppia faccia
vedo e ascolto
i viaggiatori
quantità qualità
viaggiatori notturni
vietato ascoltare
vietato sentire
vietato parlare
vietato vedere

The techniques and materials are just spices to the masterpiece.  Meaning is beyond what the eyes can see. I believe that it is the artist who works meaning into even the best and most expensive materials exported to the whole world.  Art comes from the heart and mind, what you say about the environment, people, about yourself, the opinions you cannot say in public you turn them into art, ideas are made real by painting on a canvas so the world could see.

I am a migrant artist and my art is the representation and unity of numerous and seemingly endless stories of the lives of travellers, migrants, tourists, and these leds me to become the resident artist of Antica Torre Di Via Tornabuoni 1.